How Do I Get Customers

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How Do I Get CustomersThe question of how do I get customers is an age old question. Assuming you did your market research correctly when you went into business and your product or service has a reasonable amount of demand for it, the answer can be surprisingly simple. Find out where the customers congregate and have a presence there, and it shouldn’t be too surprising to imagine that the main place that customers are congregating is the Internet.

The Internet, however, is not the monolithic, one dimensional place that many business owners consider it to be. Customers are smart and they realize that they have a unique set of requirements and needs, but not so unique that there is no one out there like them. That awareness has given rise to an enormous social mechanism where customers can bounce their ideas off of each other through all manner of social media.

Customers search Facebook just like they do Google, looking for Fanpages to see how businesses interact with their customers and how customers feel about their experience with that business. They use hashtags to see how customers are relating to businesses on Twitter. They research businesses on YouTube and especially notice how customers are commenting on the business’s videos. Are they helpful after the sale, or are they just trying to close the deal? They notice whether a good number of customers are checking in with Foursquare, or promoting the business they like with images on Pinterest, or Instagram, or especially sharing info about businesses they like in their social bookmarking accounts on Stumbleupon, Digg, Delicious, Technorati, and others.

This social interaction really takes hold on the review sites. Yelp, Insider Pages, City Search, Merchant Circle, and thousands of others give customers an opportunity to share their experiences, both good and bad. Even almighty Google themselves have migrated Google Places over to Google Plus and made one of the strongest criteria for ranking be the social signals that a business generates.

Even if it is not quite as well trusted, the written and video testimonials that customers leave on the business’s own website are seriously considered by other customers.

What is the #1 Way that Customers Find Businesses?

The number 1 way that customers find businesses is still Google search. When a customer has a need, they turn to Google, and type whatever in their mind are the words that they believe will help them find the business that can solve their need. Unfortunately, it is not a multiple choice search where Google gives a list of choices and the consumer gets to pick the closest answer. What the customer types is what the customer associates to their need. And where does Google get this list of results that it returns to the searcher? Ultimately it is the list of pages that appear, according to Google’s algorithm, to be “optimized” to be the most relevant to the query, or what the potential customer typed in.

That puts an enormous amount of pressure on business owners to anticipate what their potential customers are going to search for, and follow up that anticipation with a process of creating pages on their websites that are optimized for those search terms. The entire process of optimizing a website to rank for a range of search terms is simple, but it’s not easy. What I mean by that, is that there is a definite blueprint of all the things that are necessary to do to rank well in Google’s search, step by step, that if followed to the letter, gives the desired result. The challenge is that it is a lot of steps, and they need to be done in a specific order, and most business owners are so busy running their business that they don’t have the time to learn all the steps and execute them.

That is where an expert online marketing company like RedHawk Productions Marketing comes into the picture. We can run an exhaustive list of keywords or search terms to discover what your customers are searching for, and then work with you to optimize your website to rank for those terms. We can follow that up with helping you to develop an email marketing campaign, and to especially create a responsive social media campaign so that wherever your potential customers congregate, you are there to be seen.

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