Local Business Marketing Done Right

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When it comes to doing local business marketing, there are numerous approaches. However, we here at Redhawk Productions Marketing have a very specific approach that is all about you and your business.

Imagine how you might feel if you went to see your doctor, and before he or she even examined you, they said something like, “we’re having a special on gall bladder removals this week?” Or they asked you to look at a menu of medical services and decide which ones you needed. Both are clearly absurd propositions.

Unfortunately, that is the way that many SEO and local business marketing businesses run their business. In the example above, we go to our doctors to discover what’s ailing us. If we knew all the subtleties of how our body works we could prescribe our own treatments, but we don’t. Because we don’t, we rely on our doctor to interview us, do a checkup, diagnose us, and ultimately design and execute a course of treatment.

That’s how it ought to be with your local business marketing consultant. We should evaluate, diagnose, prescribe, and treat. Every business is different. It is not a one-size-fits-all situation. Products and services differ. The demographics of your customer base differ. The various types of marketing you’ve attempted and the success of those attempts differ. The size of your company, its gross profit margin, and its budget all vary. How could a marketing company have one prescription for everyone or even make a prescription until they’ve made a thorough evaluation of your business.

Do you have a quality website? Does your website convert visitors to prospects well? Do you have an organized email marketing campaign with effective auto responder emails? Have you effectively integrated video, both on your site and with stand-alone videos that Google loves? Are both your Google local and organic Google results as good as you would like? Have you effectively leveraged directory and review sites to distribute your company citation across the web? Do you have a mobile site? Do you have a mobile app? Are you effectively communicating with your customers where they want to be communicated with through Social Media? Have you achieved expert status in your industry? Are you using the most powerful Web 2.0 properties to attract more traffic? These are the questions you or your consultant need to be asking and much more.

We know you are working overtime on your business and already wearing far too many hats. All of this can be overwhelming to take on by yourself. So make your life easier and call Redhawk Productions Marketing and schedule a free, no obligation evaluation of your business, and discover what experts believe you could be doing to get more customers and have them easily find you online because you are everywhere.


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